Individual Shareholders Explain Why They Invested In Total



Gilles K.

Shareholder Gilles K

"I bought my first Total shares in 2001. I have faith in the company. Plus, I agree with its main strategic focuses for the future, particularly the development of renewable electricity and energy. The Group’s strong performance offers a high and sustainable return on investment, which to me shows that the company is in good hands."

Claudine C.

Shareholder Claudine C

"I’ve been a Total shareholder for more than ten years. I’m very interested in keeping up to date with the company’s news – I used to be an economics teacher, and I used to work with my students on analyzing balance sheets and understanding the relationship between changes in a company’s share price and the implementation of its strategy. The fact that Total is a French company generating profit and stimulating economic activity is very positive for France."

Gisèle-Sophie de P.

Shareholder Gisèle-Sophie de P

"As a former employee of the Total Group who’s been retired for a year now, I find that being a shareholder helps me keep up with the company’s latest news. I attend the Shareholders’ Meeting every year to see all the presentations in person. I think that the acquisition of Anadarko’s African assets was a great move. Patrick Pouyanné has managed Total’s expansion in Africa very successfully. I’m going to hold onto my shares and I’m thinking about buying more."

Anne-Lise L.

Shareholder Anne-Lise L

"I’ve been a shareholder for 15 years or so. In my eyes, Total is a solid company whose shares are very well suited to a personal equity plan. I think that Total made the right move in developing low-carbon businesses. This year is the first time I’ve been to the Shareholders’ Meeting. I’d also like to apply to join the shareholders’ clubs to get more involved."

Nicolas A.

Shareholder Nicolas A

"I began investing in the stock market in 2009, which is when I bought my first Total shares. Since the company’s business is so diverse, it offers a stable financial performance and an attractive return. I was a member of the Shareholders’ Advisory Committee for four years, which was a really interesting experience because you can interact directly with the company’s management. The Group is run very rigorously, with words systematically followed by actions."

Becoming a shareholder

Being a Total shareholder means being an actor in the energy transition. By becoming owner of one share, you express your confidence in our strategy, outlook, and our management.

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