Individual shareholders: portraits

Laetitia V.

Laetitia V

Shareholder and member of the Shareholders’ e-Advisory Committee, France

“I chose to become a Total shareholder because it’s one of the safest companies in the CAC 40, thanks to a strategy of stable investment, long-term projects, excellent governance and a reassuring share performance. I feel like I own a small part of one of the most influential and useful companies in the world. We’ll always need energy to live and to secure the future of our planet and coming generations.”

Jacques G.

Jacques Gigot

Shareholder and member of the Shareholders’ e-Advisory Committee, Belgium

“I bought my first shares in Petrofina 30 years ago. I think the oil and gas industry is still solid, because oil prices are starting to rise again. I also think that investing in Total in particular is an excellent bet. The company’s strategy of working along the entire value chain, from upstream to downstream, ensures it can withstand any headwinds.”

Alain C.

Alain C

Shareholder and member of the Shareholders’ e-Advisory Committee, France

“I’ve been a Total shareholder since the 1990s. I’m glad to support a national champion. Yes, Total is a multinational, which benefits from growth reserves outside when growth is weak domestically, but it has maintained its decision-making bodies and R&D in France. I also have a soft spot for the Total brand: I’m loyal to Total as a shareholder, but also as a customer.”

Christian M.

Christian Mathieu

Shareholder, France

“I’ve been a Total shareholder for a very long time. I still have all my shares, which is a good sign. I don’t pay much attention to the share price because I haven’t had to sell so far and I’m happy with the dividend. I think the recent decisions made by the current management, such as the acquisition of Maersk Oil and Engie’s LNG business, are good moves.”

Steen P.

Shareholder, Denmark

“I worked in oil and gas for many years. It’s an industry that I know well and have always been interested in. Before investing, I do an in-depth study of the company and its market. So before buying my first shares in Total 18 years ago, I reviewed the various opportunities the industry had to offer. I believed then and continue to believe now that Total is a great company. Today, I’m a particularly strong supporter of the Group’s strategic objective of investing in low-cost oil fields. It’s why I’ve held onto my shares, despite oil price fluctuations over the last 18 years. As a Dane, I followed Total’s acquisition of Maersk Oil closely. I think it was a smart move – fingers crossed!”

A Word From The Chief Financial Officer

Total places great importance on its relationships with both individual shareholders and institutional investors. The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is a key moment for dialogue and shareholder democracy. It’s an opportunity to provide an in-depth explanation of the Group’s strategy and the resources we’re deploying to achieve our goal of profitable growth.
Patrick de La Chevardière, Chief Financial Officer

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