Operators at the SunPower solar plant in Prieska, South Africa.
Our Ambition


To Become the Responsible Energy Major

To become the responsible energy major means providing energy that is affordable, reliable and cleaner. Energy is a vital, constantly changing resource that has accompanied major shifts in society throughout time. And energy must continue to adapt if it is to play a key role in addressing the complex challenges facing the world today. We want to contribute to these changes because energy is Total’s history: its past, its present and its future.

Two Total operators carrying out an inspection at the Leuna refinery in Germany.

Our challenges

As a major energy company, Total wants to contribute to three core challenges: satisfying the energy needs of a growing population, limiting the impact of climate change and adapting to changing customer expectations.
Two Total employees being trained at the Radès center in Tunisia.

Our initiatives

We strive to provide energy that is affordable, reliable and cleaner. We are also focused on innovation, in order to stay ahead of our customers’ changing energy needs.