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Individual shareholders

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Our shareholders play a key role in growing our business. Their trust and loyalty supports the development and financial strength of Total over the long term.

Firstly, being an individual shareholder of Total means that you want to increase the value of your assets over the long term by investing in a well-established, profitable company. It also means that there is a dedicated team and departments available to inform and assist you. Finally, being a Total shareholder means sharing the ambitions that drive us: becoming the responsible energy major and meeting the dual challenge of protecting the environment and meeting the energy needs of a growing population.

Being a Total shareholder

Are you a Total shareholder or would you like to become one? Read our guide for information about how to buy shares, forms of share ownership, tax matters and transferring shares.

A dedicated team, a Quality Charter

At Total, we are proud of the strong relationship we have with our more than 550,000 shareholders. We strive to develop a long-term and sustainable relationship with you, built on trust and dialogue.

Shareholder publications

Shareholders' Guide, Webzine and Newsletter – Our publications provide Total shareholders with information and guidance.
Rencontres Actionnaires

Shareholder events

Throughout the year, Total organises events to maintain close contact with its shareholders. 

Total Shareholders' Club

Join the Total Shareholders’ Club to receive benefits and participate in Total events. 

Employee shareholders

You are both employee and shareholder of Total? Find the regulations texts of the French and International Mutual Funds (FCPE) that concern you.