Our expertise in solar energy

Quinto, centrale solaire SunPower Total, en Californie, 135 MW, opérationnelle depuis fin 2015

Combating climate change is an integral part of both our long-term growth strategy and our ambition to become the responsible energy major. To ensure success and meet the growing demand for electricity, we are strengthening our expertise in renewable energies, especially in solar energy, given its many advantages. Clean and abundant by definition, solar energy is also flexible, efficient and competitive.

Expertise across the entire photovoltaic solar energy value chain

Gross renewable power generation capacities installed in mid-2020
Our teams are committed to the advancement of solar energy. As an integrated operator, we are now present across the entire photovoltaic solar value chain, from cell manufacturing to solar power storage to electricity sales. We also develop and operate large solar plants and decentralized systems at our customers’ homes, plants and offices.
We are investing to develop new renewable power generation capacity around the world and are committed to promoting the emergence of technologies that strengthen the competitiveness and availability of this clean source of energy.

The secrets of solar energy revealed

Find out everything there is to know and more about this solution of the future, including what a photovoltaic panel is made of and how solar energy is converted and transported.

Asserting our expertise in operating solar farms

Total has made a name for itself among the industry’s leading companies thanks to its ability to develop and operate solar power plants all over the world. We entered the market in 2011 through the acquisition of a controlling interest in SunPower, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells. In 2014, our affiliate notably built the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant in the Mojave Desert, north of Los Angeles, with a capacity of 700 megawatts. In addition, our Total Solar International affiliate operates solar farms in South Africa, Japan and Chile.
Furthermore, with Total Eren, our strategic priority is to develop solar power plants in emerging economies with growing electricity needs.

The technological feat of the Nanao solar farm

Centrale photovoltaïque de Nanao, Japon

The Nanao power plant is our first solar farm in Japan. Built in extreme conditions on the Noto Peninsula, the 27-megawatt-peak plant provides nearly 8,900 Japanese households with electricity.

Developing distributed solar power generation

Among solar's many advantages is the ability to distribute power generation to as close to consumers as possible. Total is supporting this paradigm shift by developing decentralized photovoltaic solutions, including rooftop systems for residential, industrial and commercial buildings as well as solar carports.
We also install these solutions at our own sites, with more than 5,000 of our service stations and 100 of our industrial sites to be equipped with solar panels over the next five years. Installed capacity will amount to 200 megawatts, reducing our CO2 emissions by 100,000 metric tons a year. 
This target has become achievable thanks to the research and development of our SunPower affiliate, which has raised the efficiency of its solar panels to 24.1%, an average of 44% higher than standard photovoltaic systems. These performances are making solar power accessible even to people living in areas with little sunlight or with a limited amount of space for a photovoltaic system.

A solar farm at the center of our La Mède biorefinery

In 2015, we committed to converting our La Mède refinery into a platform devoted to the energies of tomorrow. Home to France’s first world-class biorefinery, this project is also part of a wider transformation plan, which spans several high-growth-potential businesses, including solar.

Centrale photovoltaïque de Nanao,  Japon

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