Total Shareholders' Club

Le Cercle des Actionnaires Le Cercle des Actionnaires

Members of the Total Shareholders' Club receive benefits and are offered the opportunity to find out more about our businesses and our major social commitments.

A unique calendar of events

Each year, the Shareholders' Club offers you the opportunity to take part in around 30 events, including cultural activities, visits to our partner industrial installations and activities supported by the Total Foundation and Total conferences.
Club members automatically receive all of our shareholder reports in electronic form including the Shareholders' Newsletter, Webzine and meeting invitations.

How to participate?

How can I join the Shareholders' Club?

It's simple and free. Just fill in the form on the dedicated website (in French only)
To become a member, you need to provide an email address and must hold at least 100 shares in bearer form or 50 shares in registered form.

After I've joined, how do I sign up to Club events?

You can only sign up to Club events via the website (in French only)
You can opt to receive reminders about events on the day they are open for booking and receive useful information about events (practical information, satisfaction questionnaire etc.) by email.
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    Le cercle des actionnaires
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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    Le Cercke des Actionnaires
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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    en attente
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    Le Cercle des Actionnaires
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The way the Club works [...] reflects very well on the Company, both internally and with respect to third parties who we meet and who know that we are shareholders. Overall, it's a great way to encourage individual share ownership!"

Club's member