Being a Responsible Employer

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At Total, our ambition is to become the responsible energy major. We will only achieve this with the help of our employees and their commitment to better energy. We have always had the firm conviction that the women and men of Total are the energy that drives our Group forward. That’s why we strive to create the conditions for them to express and develop their potential. Our objective is to offer our employees working conditions that allow them to fulfill their individual aspirations by collectively rising to the challenges of a responsible energy future.

Offering Attractive and Motivating Working Conditions

For people to be motivated when going to work every day, they need a goal that gives meaning to their actions. Total’s ambition is to produce the energy that the world needs, energy that is affordable, reliable and clean. This is also what drives the women and men of the Group, who work every day to meet these challenges.

At Total, we believe that our employees’ fulfillment has its roots in the wealth of the experiences they are offered. Our operations in 130 countries and our presence across the entire oil, gas and solar value chain offer them countless opportunities to take on new jobs or to relocate. And our employees, supported by their management and their HR Partner, have the opportunity to develop professionally throughout their career with the company. They can also expect to perfect and expand their expertise through access to numerous training courses.

We strive to ensure that our employees enjoy a caring and good-quality work environment in terms of safety, health and work-life balance. Our goal is to offer our employees the means to achieve their professional fulfillment. In this pursuit, our approach is underpinned by a strongly shared set of core values ranging from safety, respect for each other, a pioneering spirit, standing together and being performance-minded.

“A caring employer looking to the future”

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Promoting and Enhancing Diversity

One of our values is respect for each other. Creating an inclusive environment in which everyone can express and develop their potential, from the moment they are hired and throughout their career, means ensuring that all our employees have the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or affiliation with a political, religious, union, organization or minority group. This is our vision of diversity, which is an asset for our Group as well as for the women and men who embody it. Preserving and promoting this asset is another part of being a responsible employer.

Total is strongly committed to making diversity a reality. That is why Patrick Pouyanné, Total’s CEO, together with 50 other corporate leaders, signed a pledge promoting inclusion and diversity. We aim to accelerate diversity inside our company, but also across the economy.

Nurturing Social Dialogue

Enabling our employees to achieve their full potential also involves listening to their aspirations, sharing our strategy with them, and empowering them to play a role in its construction. For this reason, dialogue with our employees and their representatives has a special place at Total.

Most Group companies – even in countries where it is not a legal requirement – have employee representatives, most of whom are elected. They deal with the major issues facing the Group and the main concerns of staff, including safety, health, wages and training.

Staff representatives also play a role at the European level, where we continue to develop social dialogue through negotiations with the European trade union federations. A European works council, which acts as a single employee representation body, has also been established to provide information and a forum for exchanging views on the Group’s strategy in areas such as Total’s social, economic and financial position, sustainable development, environmental and social responsibility and safety.

IndustriALL: Extending our Tradition of Social Commitment

In January 2015, to reinforce our commitment as a responsible employer, we signed a global agreement with the IndustriALL Global Union federation, which represents more than 50 million energy, mining, manufacturing and industrial employees in 140 countries. The agreement covers workforce safety, human rights and the strengthening of social dialogue. On the issue of gender equality, it works to ensure that maternity leave cannot have a negative impact on wages or career development.

Come and take part in a collective and human adventure

The future of energy represents a formidable challenge. At Total, it is synonymous with an exciting personal adventure. Joining us means taking part in this collective and fulfilling adventure in which each person’s entrepreneurship, experience and creativity are combined to contribute to achieving our ambition of becoming the responsible energy major.
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Better energy needs you

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