Day 4 of the ARGOS competition round 3


The competition continues!

The sun is shining on Lacq for this, the fourth day of the test. Today, many unexpected events are attempting to destabilize the robots. The objective: evaluate the capacities in terms of detection, mobility and security with, for example, the launching of the general alarm, two shutdowns of the robot communication systems (the wifi), two simulated of gas leaks and the presence of an operator in the way of the robot. “It wasn’t our day, says Luis from the Spanish-Portuguese team, FOXIRIS, the system of the localization functioned very well but a series of technical problems led the robots to make navigational mistakes or to detect a suspicious heat spot several times, which turned to be the Sun.” So not the expected success. “No indeed, Luis says, we lacked a bit of time these last weeks to make any final tuning. But we learned so much throughout this project, and that is a very positive thing.”