Day 3 of the ARGOS competition round 3


The competition continues!

Today, the robots have to detect, localize and measure two suspicious heating sources as well as an ultrasonic gas leak and to alert the operator. They also have to cope with inconsistencies between their 3D map of the test site, and the reality of the field (displaced or incorrectly oriented manometers). “The mission went rather well, declares Marco of the Swiss team LIO. The robot demonstrated its inspection and detection skills. And it has survived a fall!” Did this incident put an end to the mission? “Not at all” Marco answers, “once he was back on its feet, he started again and actually showed a great precision by finishing its mission at the exact same location from which he started, as it was requested.” The mission ended well for LIO. “Our four-legged robot is quite robust!” Marco concludes, with a broad smile.