Total’s human resources policies are based on four major principles — diversity, mobility, fairness and accountability. We abide by these principles during the hiring process and throughout each employee’s career.

Striking a Balance

In implementing our human resources policies, we are committed to:

  • Diversity and equal opportunity, with hiring open to all applicants, regardless of gender, disability, education, origin or background.
  • Internal mobility, to enable ongoing learning and development through changes of position, professional discipline or country.
  • Fairness, thanks to a compensation policy based on individual performance, unrivaled employee benefits and a progressive employee shareholding policy.
  • Responsibility, because ethics, safety and respect for others are at the very heart of our efforts to support our employees throughout their careers.

Human Resources Teams Attentive to Employee Concerns

HR personnel are committed to giving all employees the means to realize their full potential at Total.
We have implemented various tools within each unit, such as:

  • Detailed job descriptions.
  • Succession plans for key positions.
  • Systematic career interviews.

These policy tools enable us to:

  • Remain open to applicants from different backgrounds.
  • Attract talented people from around the world.
  • Construct diverse, motivating career paths.
  • Offer attractive, fair compensation and working conditions.

We strive to share our strategy with all our employees. By giving them a better understanding of the challenges we face in our HR policies, we strengthen their motivation.

Hiring, a Common Core of Values

Our policies ensure respect for the principles of objectivity, ethical behavior and non-discrimination in our hiring process. Our HR teams are trained to observe these policies by:

  • Strong Corporate Values


    We believe ethical conduct is a prerequisite for sustainable, responsible growth.

    Our Ethics Policy
  • An Efficient Organization


    Our closely related businesses span all segments of the energy industry.

    Our Organization