Our Integrated Business Model

View of the gas treatment plant and liquefaction terminal in Gladstone, Australia. Vue de l'usine de traitement de gaz et terminal de liquéfaction de Gladstone (Australie).

As the fourth largest international major, our operations span the entire oil, gas and solar value chain, from exploration and production to processing and marketing. This integrated model is our strength and sets us apart. Efficient, profitable and innovative, it is a guarantee of quality for our customers.

Thanks to our presence across the entire oil, gas and solar value chain:

  • We discover, produce, process, sell and market oil, gas and solar energy in a variety of forms, all the way to end-customers.
  • At every link in the chain, we add value, invent technological solutions and develop innovative products and services for our customers.
Total's Activities
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Thanks to the efficiency of our integrated model across the oil value chain, we have been able to remain resilient in the face of highly volatile oil prices. We apply this same approach to solar power which, along with natural gas, will be used to generate electricity, the energy of the 21st century.

Patrick Pouyanné
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total

Our Ambition for the Electricity Value Chain


Demand for electricity is growing faster than demand for energy as a whole.

Countless products and services are "going electric", as seen in trends such as digitalization and electric cars. As an integrated energy player, our ambition for 20 years from now is to become a leader in the production of renewable energies that, like natural gas, can be used to generate electricity.

To achieve this ambition, we are focusing on three areas:

  • Integrating the photovoltaic value chain down to the end-customer.
  • Selling electricity, whether or not we are the producer.
  • Store electricity.