Developing, Producing and Marketing polymers

Operator working at a polyethylene unit Opérateur polyvalent, à l'unité du polyéthylène

Derived from oil and gas, polymers are used in a variety of products that enhance our daily lives. These very large molecules make it possible to offer such key properties as thoughness, lightness, transparency and insulation. At Total, we work with our customers to develop innovative, high-performance polymers.

Polymers: Innovating to serve our customers more effectively

Our three families of polymers – polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene – cover 60% of the demand for plastics.*

Processing is our customers’ business. They use our polymers to manufacture a vast range of products intended for various markets, including:

  • Food packaging protective films, potato chip bags, cereal bar wrappers, frozen food packs, foam trays, ketchup bottles caps, etc.
  • Industrial product packaging tubs paint cans.
  • Construction: pipes, artificial turf, carpet, insulation, etc.
  • Automotive applications: bumpers, airbags, fuel tanks, interior components, etc.
  • Health and hygiene: diapers, IV bags, syringes, razors, etc.
  • Home appliances and electronics: TVs, refrigerators, cables, etc.

*source: PlasticsEurope

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Our approach: Innovative, tailored solutions

Our mission is to develop differentiating high-performance solutions for our customers. To fulfill this mission, our experts work in close collaboration with customers who need to either purchase or process polymers. Together, they design innovative procedures for industrial-scale deployment with the goal of producing high-value-added polymers that boost performance and deliver competitive advantage.

Our polymers make it possible to:

  • Produce thinner products (caps, films, shampoo bottles, etc.) thereby improving energy efficiency.
  • Strengthening plastics for durable applications to extend the lifetime of the products made with them (appliances, pipes, artificial turf).
  • Enhance insulating properties to reduce energy consumption.

As proof of their competitive advantage, many of these products have received the Total Ecosolutions Label. We introduced this label to promote solutions that use fewer natural resources and/or have a smaller environmental footprint.

Because every customer has different needs, our sales teams are divided into geographic regions to align our offer with the specific characteristics of each market (Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas).

Polymers: Innovative products for everyday use

Few people realize that Total takes part in producing everyday items, such as bottles, plastic films and caps. Even fewer are aware that these cutting-edge products owe their lightness, resistance and thinness – to Total’s high-performance polymers, which have been carefully fine-tuned through years of R&D. Examples include Supertough, a polymer resin used to make plastic film that is 25% thinner yet just as strong as existing products, and Excell Cap, that enables manufacturers to produce caps that require substantially fewer raw materials.

Innovative Polymers for Everyday Use