Our bitumen

Asphalt roads in France Routes bitumées en France

At Total, our commitment to improving transportation drives us to help build roads that are stronger, safer and more sustainable. Our bitumen integrate leading-edge technology to provide reliable and durable road surfaces for all users.

A bitumen for every road

We offer a comprehensive range of products that suits to the needs of all companies in the road sector. This range includes standard bitumen, such as our Azalt range, but also specialty products such as Styrelf, a bituminous binder with exceptional elasticity, cohesion and adherence properties.

Whether used in hot, cold or warm mixes, our products suit every kind of application, helping you meet your rigorous technical, financial, environmental and safety requirements. There is a Total bitumen solution for every market: from motorways bearing heavy traffic trucks to bike paths, roundabouts and tunnels.

bitumen producer and supplier in Europe with over 400 different reference products
million metric tons sold worldwide in 2014
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High-technology bitumen for more sustainable roads

At Total, we believe that our bitumen should be reliable and durable, just like your roads. We help improving user comfort and road durability by offering bitumen that:

  • Extend road life thanks to high-performance properties
  • Improve driver comfort through a reduction of noise
  • Optimize road safety

Supporting your operations means helping you reduce your costs and environmental footprint. For this reason, we developed Azalt ECO2, a ready-to-use bitumen for reduced temperature asphalt. Warm mix asphalts obtained with this bitumen offer the same excellent performance as conventional hot mixes. They are also manufactured using a less energy-intensive process, making them an eco-friendly solution.

Styrelf, our reference product, illustrates the R&D effort that we invest into bitumen. Developed in partnership with the École des Ponts et Chaussées laboratory, Styrelf has been the reference bitumen for heavy traffic roads for over 30 years. Its special characteristics include exceptional elasticity, cohesion and adherence. These properties improve your asphalt mix, ensuring longer road life while significantly reducing costs. And because every road is unique, a different Styrelf product is available for every application.