What sets us apart: Our local presence

Total operator talking with a coworker Opératrice Total en discussion avec un collaborateur.

At Total, we are committed to being present wherever our customers need us. We maintain our local presence on a daily basis, not only through our global network of service stations, but also, and more importantly, through the efforts of our employees working on site to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide superior service and tailored solutions aligned with your requirements.

Total service stations: make yourself at home


Total service stations offer so much more than a full tank of gas. First and foremost, they are friendly, welcoming places in which our customers can feel at home. Our 16,000 modern and environmentally friendly stations worldwide offer superior fuel and a wide range of high-quality services provided in partnership with leading brands. These include meals (notably with Brioche Dorée, Mugg & Bean and Steers), shops (with Citydia Express and Shop by Casino) and other services (with Speedy or Bosch Center).  



Our lively service stations also give us an opportunity to interact directly with our customers. This is why we continually update our lineup and provide innovative services and products adapted to meet specific local requirements. To give an example, we operate a tight-knit network in France that spans the entire country. In this market, we plan to develop our offer and services to meet the needs of every customer through four types of stations:
  • Total city station shops, which expand our automotive maintenance services with expert partners like Carglass and offer a complete line of products.
  • Total highway stations, which provide special brand retail corners (Darty, La Grande Récré), as well as quality meals and foods (La Croissanterie, Mezzo di Pasta, Daily Monop).
  • Total Access stations, which deliver quality and low prices.
  • Total Contact stations, which offer a local presence and adapted services in small and medium-sized municipalities and rural areas.

We also plan to launch “Business Pro,” a solution that includes a service kiosk and tablets to facilitate business travel, at Total city and highway stations.

In addition, we have developed a Total Services mobile app to help our customers locate the nearest service station and the fuel types available.

Multi-service stations in Africa

Every day, our service stations in Africa meet the needs of local residents with fuel, lubricants, fast food adapted to local tastes, groceries, ATMs and banking services. At these locations, we offer, for example, our Awango by Total solar lamps, designed to provide access to energy to those with limited financial resources.

On a continent in which 70% of the population has a mobile phone, we also offer mobile payment and money transfer solutions in partnership with mobile telephone providers. We currently operate 200 restaurants and plan to introduce new services, such as online shopping with delivery to a service station — a useful service for those without residential Internet access or a standardized home address.


Supporting our customers in their localities

Aircraft fuel, specialty fluids and lubricants: we continually expand the range of services we offer to support our customers in regions around the world. We work with them to co-develop products that meet their needs. In Mumbai, India, we built a technical support center that is devoted to specialty products. Its purpose is to provide technical support to our affiliates and adapt our products to the specific demands of the Asia-Pacific region. In countries that prefer motorbikes, such as Indonesia and Thailand, we have also developed motorbike centers offering rapid oil changes to adapt to the local context.

Total Mining Solutions: valuable support for our mining customers

At the Grootegeluk coal mine in northeastern South Africa, close to 2,000 people wend their way through an army of trucks and mining shovels. A few Total hardhats stand out in the crowd. A lubricants expert known as a tribiologist talks with the vehicle maintenance manager, while a third Total team member monitors the supply of fuel and lubricants. All are here to deliver personalized service to our clients in the mining sector, for whom secure supply and quality products are fundamental.

Total, a partner of choice in the mining sector