Our special fluids

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We have developed a complete line of ultrapure hydrocarbon fluids, including Special Boiling Point (SBP), white spirits, kerosenes, isoparaffins, special fluids, plasticizers and aromatics to meet all your needs.

Our fluids cover all your activities

Our special fluids are used in many different applications such as in construction, automobile manufacturing, drilling, water treatment, crop protection or as marine dispersants.

We meet all your industrial needs with our comprehensive line of 150 products, ranging from SBP, white spirits and kerosenes to isoparaffins, plasticizers and aromatics. Our products include:

  • Industrial fluids: incorporated into formulas for sealants, polyacrylamides, printing inks and process oils used to manufacture tires.
  • Geoscience fluids: specifically designed to help minimize the environmental impact of drilling, fracturing and extracting minerals.
  • Life science fluids: oils used in crop protection, veterinary vaccines and cosmetics.

With nearly 800,000 metric tons of special fluids sold every year, our company is a market leader in the industry.  

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We help you meet your industrial challenges

Supporting you effectively means offering quality products adapted to the needs of your operations. For this reason, we invest heavily in R&D and co-develop solutions in partnership with our customers. We also use advanced logistics for land and sea transportation to ensure that we can consistently meet strict deadlines.

Our quality assurance would not be complete without a strong environmental commitment. At Total, we take every possible measure to reduce the ecological impact of our activity by:

  • Developing bio-based fluids
  • Developing de-aromatized, biodegradable and less-volatile products
  • Improving energy efficiency and minimizing waste during the production phase
  • Optimizing the supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Collecting packaging and recycling used products

Our active and proactive participation in industry groups and European committees enables us to anticipate new regulations and their impact on our industry. 

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