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With winds reaching as high as 380 kilometers an hour, super-Typhoon Haiyan battered the Philippines in November 2013, devastating local communities and entire regions. Now, after two years of hard work, the French and the Philippine Red Cross have helped turn the page by completing the reconstruction of a village on Cebu in November. The project was supported by Total under a $500,000 corporate giving agreement.


Between November 2013 and February 2014, the French Red Cross deployed 20 humanitarian aid workers in the field to support local teams. Initially, aid involved basic needs, such as access to medical treatment and to staples like food and water and emergency shelter. Reconstruction of the village began in May 2014, in cooperation with nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity.

The project involved rebuilding 128 homes that would be more able to withstand natural disasters and with access to potable water and sewage systems. It also included providing community infrastructure, such as roads, water treatment facilities and access to electricity. The families gathered for the inauguration to celebrate the successful endeavor. More than 750 people now have homes in this new district nestled between the sea and the hills, thanks to the solidarity demonstrated.

Humanitarian Aid

  • In all, 100,000 kits of non-food staples and supplies for emergency shelters (blankets, mattresses, containers, hygiene products, kitchen utensils, mosquito nets and tents) were distributed to 20,000 families.
  • Water treatment is provided by an eco-responsible system combining various settling ponds and natural filters.
  • An innovative system has been set up to provide affordable, environmentally friendly access to electricity through the construction of a solar farm, helped by the technical expertise of specialized partner organization Electriciens Sans Frontières.

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