Total reaffirms and broadens its biodiversity commitments



In joining the act4nature initiative, Total is making 10 biodiversity-related undertakings, and has also added 6 specific commitments of its own. The company is marking the occasion with publication of its first brochure on biodiversity.

Total and 64 other prominent French companies joined Nicolas Hulot, French Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, at the GoodPlanet Foundation on July 10 to demonstrate their commitment to biodiversity. This collective initiative is supported by French business association Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE).

Total and Biodiversity

Total has long been aware of the potential impact of its activities on biodiversity and had already made commitments to protect it. Those included voluntarily refraining from conducting oil exploration activities in Arctic sea ice, not carrying out oil or gas exploration or extraction operations at natural sites included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and by developing biodiversity action plans for operated production sites located in the most sensitive protected areas. 

Total and act4nature

Total is taking its commitment to biodiversity to another level in 2018. The company has made 10 common undertakings, shared by the other signatories, and has added 6 more of its own.

“Total didn’t wait for this initiative to start preserving biodiversity: we published our first Biodiversity policy in 2005. Joining act4nature lets us strongly reaffirm our commitments and, most important, broaden them. The brochure that we’re publishing on this occasion describes our proactive approach,” says Patricia Mani, Vice President, Environmental & Societal Expertise Division at Total.

For example, Total will publicly report on the progress of its initiatives supporting biodiversity, offering full details. 

“Biodiversity offers invaluable services to humankind. It is important to protect it, and industrial companies have a significant role to play in that,” Patricia Mani concludes.

Total and Biodiversity, Commitments and Initiatives


The brochure outlines these undertakings and commitments, both common and Total-specific, detailing each of them and providing real-world examples of actions already carried out by Total or currently under way.


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