Support for Refugees: "Refugeek's" First Graduating Class


A year after announcing that Total would help support refugees, the first graduating class of "Refugeeks" was rewarded for their efforts Thursday evening in Paris.

We are making good on our promise by supporting free skills-qualification training for Web development in partnership with the French Ministry of the Interior and the French government employment agency, Pôle Emploi. The training initiative was started by, an organization specializing in helping people qualify for and find jobs, which was already supported by Total through the "La France s'engage" .

Besides training, the refugees selected receive housing and assistance learning French thanks to the initiative’s co-partner Singa. Fréderic Bardeau, President of, emphasized that: “Handing out the training certificates marks the end of a decisive step, but also the beginning. They’ll integrate themselves into the business world where they’ll put their new skills to work.”

With the program over, Accenture, another Refugeek sponsor, has already promised to hire seven people.

In light of the initiative's success, plans to train 1,400 refugees in three years.


Other Total Initiatives On Behalf of Refugees

  • Refugee Mentoring" program with the French NGO Kodiko
    Total is a partner of Kodiko, a mentoring program that pairs refugees with volunteer employees. Its aim is simple: to teach refugees workplace and cultural norms so that they can be more successful in the business world.
  • "A Roof and a Job" Partnership with the French NGO Aurore
    This NGO specializes in getting marginalized individuals back to work. The goal is to ease overcrowding in the greater Paris area and help families move permanently to other French cities. Collaboration with local municipalities and a low-income housing agency enabled some ten families to permanently relocate to Aurillac in France's Auvergne region.
    The same program is being developed in Nantes, where 40 refugee families will move between now and end-2017.

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