Solutions & Co: Toward Sustainable Cities


50 idées pour le climat (panoramique)
Organized by Sparknews, the Solutions & Co initiative has brought on board 20 of the world's leading business newspapers, including the Financial Times, El Economista, Kommersant, China Business News, The Hindu and Les Echos. Total is proud to be taking part for the second year in a row after signing on as a founding partner. 

For the 2016 event, the spotlight has been placed on how cities are adapting to climate change. Urban areas account for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions and will house more than 66% of the world's population in 2050. While cities are major drivers of climate change, they are also innovation hubs that can reinvent our consumer habits and our relationship with mobility and energy. In addition to the worldwide newspaper coverage, a Toward Sustainable Cities e-book is also being published today.

So don't forget to visit your local newsstand this morning and get a copy of your favorite business daily!