International Women's Day: Total Partners with Oil Majors to Take Action



The oil and gas industry is joining forces to close the workplace gender gap. In 2016, International Women's Day is being celebrated with a call for united action, personal stories and the sharing of experiences. 

January 2016, Davos, Switzerland. On the margins of the World Economic Forum, 20 companies including Engie, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total, signed "Closing the Gender Gap in Oil & Gas: A Call to Action for the Industry". The seven guiding principles of this call to action are based on two decisive drivers:

  • Recruiting a more gender-diverse workforce.
  • Opening up all jobs in the organization to women.

Industries need to overhaul both the way they operate and their sourcing to boost their efficiency and business performance. That requires initiatives targeting very young girls, to educate them about the opportunities STEM fields offer. "Increasing gender diversity starts early on, by providing role models that shatter stereotypes," comments François Viaud, Total's Senior Vice President, Human Resources.


Presenting More Female Role Models to Spark Vocations

Stereotypes deter young girls, who create their own barriers. Drawing on our experience mentoring women, Total has decided to tackle the challenge of shaking up the status quo. Who says engineering is an exclusively male field? Who says women can’t pursue careers in STEM fields?

To remove these barriers, Total's women employees need to tell their stories to the next generation that will shape tomorrow's labor market. Geneviève Mouillerat, President of our network for women, TWICE, which stands for Total Women's Initiative for Communication & Exchange, has announced the launch of "She Is An Engineer." This Total initiative is modeled after Elles bougent [Women on the Move], a successful nonprofit experiment in France that encourages women working in STEM fields to volunteer their stories to female high school and college students still trying to decide what career to pursue. In short, to attract future female talent instead of cutting ourselves off from it!

Rolling Up Our Sleeves Internally and Advancing Together

Shibboleths also stubbornly persist within companies. Women and men pay the price and have interiorized such prejudices. Diversity is more than just an issue of social responsibility. It's also critical to future business and economic performance. It offers better working conditions and is a draw for future employees. Total is fully aware of this and is also participating in the Ring the Bell for Gender Equality event. In a ceremony organized by the U.N. Global Compact for International Women's Day, 25 of the world's stock exchanges will ring their opening or closing bell in symbolic support of gender equality in the workplace.

A round table will then be held in the heart of Paris's financial center, the Euronext stock exchange, to discuss "Gender Equality and Empowering Women." It will feature various diversity managers from companies such as Total, Carrefour and Schneider Electric. The media will also be there. The discussion is intended to share experiences and make lasting progress together on a shared vision for action. In 2016, all Total employees — and beyond that, all stakeholders in the business world — are actively engaged in the fight to promote gender diversity. 

A Few Figures on Gender Diversity

In the world:

  • 28% of women pursue careers in STEM fields

2014 Sources: UNESCO Institute for statistics

  • 20% of women in oil and gas industry

2014 Sources:  World Economic Forum Future of Jobs survey, Catalyst Inc. Data, and Grant Thornton International Business Report

In the European Union:

  • 60% of the students earning college degrees are women.
  • Fewer than 4% of major company CEOs are women.

2015 sources: European Commission, Eurostat, Eurofound. 

In France:

  • 21% of engineers are women.

2014 survey sources: Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France [Engineers and Scientists in France], Observatoire des ingénieurs [Engineering Observatory]

  • 50% of high school seniors enrolled in France's science track are women, compared to just 10% of women enrolled in engineering schools
  • 110 Total female sponsors in the French nonprofit Elles bougent [Women on the Move]

2016 sources: French nonprofit Elles bougent [Women on the Move]. 

Making a Difference

According to a study conducted by Goodwill Management for IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité, diversity, when well managed, boosts profits 5 to 15%, depending on the business sector. Using data from four big companies — AXA, L’Oréal, Orange and Vinci — the study showed that the top-performing teams are the teams that are the most diverse. Having the highest percentage of disabled employees, women front-line managers and many seniors on staff are reportedly key to diversity as a business performance driver in a company. Click here to see Total's various initiatives to promote diversity.