Innovation : Total Wins the “Corporate Investor of the Year" Award for Cleantech


Investing in high-potential energy start-ups — also called “green shoots,” fledgling businesses or even unicorns when valued over $1 billion — is what Total Energy Ventures, commonly referred to as TEV, does. The venture capital fund has been active since 2008. Its most recent investments are United Wind, which brings wind power to consumers, AutoGrid with its flexibility management applications for energy, and France’s Sigfox, which connects objects.

Today, thanks to this portfolio of start-ups, Total was presented with the “Corporate Investor of the Year” award in San Francisco.

The honor was bestowed as part of the prestigious 2017 Global Cleantech 100 Program, which brings together the top 100 most innovative and promising cleantech start-ups. The companies on this list are there because they are seen as the best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges and with the highest potential to have a significant market impact within the next five to ten years. Total Energy Ventures has invested far more percentage-wise in the start-ups on the Global Cleantech list than anyone else.

 “We’re honored to receive such a prestigious award,” said Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total, when it was announced.

“We obviously share it with the start-ups in our portfolio. To be named ‘Corporate Investor of the Year’ is a great recognition of the work done by Total Energy Ventures’ team. It is also a recognition of the emphasis we put on innovation in order to reach our ambition to become a responsible energy major. We believe that new energies will be necessary and complementary to our main oil and gas businesses. TEV’s goal is to maximize return while spearheading for innovations, preparing what could be significant businesses for Total tomorrow, and contributing to the Group’s ambition to provide reliable, affordable and clean energy to the world.”

Do you know what start-ups can be found in Total Energy Ventures’ portfolio?

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