Five commitments to the circular economy


visuel economie circulaire

What if we repaired, recycled and reused instead of simply throwing things away? That's the idea behind the circular economy, one of the headline topics at a conference organized by French business association AFEP on February 1, 2017. Thirty-three companies including Total came together to integrate this approach into their operations. Here’s a closer look at our commitments:

  • Commitment no. 1: Include a circular economy criterion in the Company's purchasing policies.
    • Take the energy efficiency, material efficiency and sustainability of products into consideration in our purchases.
  • Commitment no. 2: Reduce waste and use waste as a resource.
    • Recover more than 50% of our waste and implement waste reduction and zero waste to landfill programs at our sites.
  • Commitment no. 3: Develop polymers containing up to 50% recycled plastic.
    • Manufacture new ranges of polymers incorporating recycled polymers. Recycling one metric ton of polymers reduces CO2 emissions by one metric ton.
  • Commitment no. 4: Equip 5,000 service stations worldwide with solar panels, including 800 in France.
    • Install potential capacity of 200 MW, or the equivalent of the energy used by a city of 200,000 people. This will also allow Total to reduce its CO2 emissions by 100,000 metric tons each year.
  • Commitment no. 5: Improve the average energy efficiency of the industrial facilities operated by Total by 1% a year between 2010 and 2020.
    • This will allow us to reduce both our oil and gas consumption and our greenhouse gas emissions.
Couverture Rapport Climat 2019

Our 2019 Climate Report

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