Day 2 of the ARGOS competition round 3


The competition continues!

The goal of today’s mission is to evaluate the mobility of the robots and their capacity to detect obstacles. On the schedule: 1h30 of autonomous mode in order to operate an inspection mission on the ground floor, the first floor, as well as outside of the competition structure, forcing the robots to move on a different type of ground: the gravel. “And it wasn’t the only surprise of the day, Stefan, from the Austrian-German team ARGONAUTS, explains: Our robot came face to face to a very long wooden ramp. We weren’t expecting such an obstacle! In front of its refusal, we had to take control for a couple of minutes, before switching again to the autonomous mode for the rest of the mission.” When the mission was over, Stefan confided: "So far, everything is going well, we are satisfied, but the competition has just begun!”