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Total’s Facebook pages and Twitter threads are new ways to get information and news about the Group and its activities.

Facebook Total

People interested in the Group can communicate with it on its official page (English and French). The top news about the Group and articles on Total’s community support initiatives are posted here. There are also interviews with employees and Total experts about the Group’s businesses and current events.

Facebook Total

On the Total Campus page (English only) we present our business activities and chat with students. The calendar of events in which the Group participates across the globe, interviews with experts about energy, and the latest news about the Total Team are found here. You can also play energy-related games online!

Facebook Total Summer School

The Facebook Total Summer School page has all the news about this educational program. The Summer School, which is held each summer in Paris, gives students from all over the world the chance to come and talk with us about energy. Registration forms are provided at the Total Campus website.

On this educational page for teachers and students, Total provides keys to a better understanding of energies and the challenges of the future. As part of the Planète Énergies program, teachers can invite members of Total’s staff to come and speak at their schools. More than 4,500 children attended such talks in France in 2009. Planète Énergies also partners with textbook publishers to distribute publications dealing with energy.

Facebook Total F1

Total supports Romain Grosjean, the talented young Lotus F1 Team driver. Get the latest news about the Grand Prix and more on the Total F1 official page.

Twitter Total

The press releases from the head office and all the Group’s subsidiaries are on Twitter @Total.

Twitter Total Careers

Most of Total’s job offerings worldwide are posted on Twitter.

Twitter Total Campus

News about our campus activities to get to know Total and our career opportunities.

Twitter Total F1

Keep up with Romain Grosjean through live tweets by Total F1, his official partner.

Twitter Total politiques énergétiques

Total’s contributions to the energy debate


A Group on the Move
Assemblée générale mixte des actionnaires de Total 2011


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