Total annonce le lancement du re-développement du champ d'Anguille au Gabon



February 28, 2008: Total subsidiary Total Gabon today announces that it has begun redeveloping the Anguille Field in Gabon.

Anguille is located 20 kilometres offshore Port-Gentil, in a water depth of 30 metres in the Grand Anguille Marine concession. The concession is wholly owned by Total Gabon and governed by the “Convention d’Etablissement”, which was renewed in July 2007 for a further 25 years. Discovered in 1962, Anguille came on stream in 1966 and produced 7,500 barrels per day in 2007 prior to redevelopment.

The project will improve the oil recovery factor to 23% from 13% by increasing the number of drainage points, in particular in the northern part of the field, and by enhancing well productivity using hydraulic fracturing and massive waterflood.

Phase 1 of redevelopment is under way, leveraging existing facilities. Around a dozen wells will be drilled in 2007 and 2008, and the associated surface facilities will be debottlenecked.

Running from 2009 to 2011, Phase 2 entails installing new offshore infrastructure and decommissioning obsolete process units, building an onshore plant (power generation, fluid treatment, gas compression) and drilling an additional 30 or so wells.

The project will eliminate gas flaring on the field by 2011, as well as coastal discharges of production water.

Production is expected to increase from 2008, peaking at over 30,000 barrels per day in 2013-2014. The development cost is an estimated 2 billion dollars for additional proved and probable reserves of around 150 million barrels. As well, operating costs will be reduced by refocusing operations onshore.

Total Gabon

Total Gabon is Gabon’s top-ranked oil operator, with total operated crude oil production amounting to over one-third of the country’s output.

Present in Gabon since 1931, Total Gabon helped to discover more than 80% of the country’s oil and gas reserves and has developed more than 50 onshore and offshore fields over the past 50 years. The first of these fields came on stream in 1957. In 2000, Total Gabon launched a wide-ranging program to appraise and redevelop existing fields to enhance recovery and slow down the natural decline in output. The Anguille redevelopment is a key project under this program.

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