Signature d'un partenariat avec le ministère de la Défense : Total contribue à l'accès à l'emploi dans le secteur privé des personnels civils et militaires quittant les Armées



February 25, 2009: Total today announces the signature of a partnership agreement with the French Ministry of Defense to place civilian and military personnel leaving the armed forces with the Group.

The partnership extends nationwide and is applied at both regional and local levels. It is designed to match jobs available within the Total Group with applications forwarded by the Ministry of Defense.

Thanks to this initiative, and in line with its usual recruitment procedures, Total will be able to facilitate access to jobs with the company for both young and experienced candidates from diverse backgrounds.

To support its growth, the Group recruits more than 8,000 employees a year worldwide, including 1,600 in France. All candidates—men and women, entry-level and experienced, from varied educational backgrounds—share the energy, open-mindedness, flexibility and team spirit on which Total’s success is built. (

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