Pays-Bas : Total exerce ses droits de préemption sur les parts de la raffinerie de Flessingue mises en vente par Dow Chemical (45%) et a reçu une offre de rachat de ces parts émanant de Lukoil



June 19, 09: Total, the majority shareholder (55%) of the Vlissingen refinery, exercised its pre-emptive rights over the shares (45%) of this asset that were offered for sale by Dow Chemical.

Concurrently, Lukoil submitted to Total a binding purchase offer for these shares (45%), which constitutes the development of a new partnership between the two companies. Russian crude oil, for which Lukoil is one of the major suppliers, represents one of the main sources of the Vlissingen refinery. More broadly, this type of crude oil represents a significant portion for the supply of Total’s European refineries.

This transaction is subject to the approval by the relevant authorities.

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