Le Comité Central d'Entreprise (CCE) de l'UES Aval de Total, prévu le 29 mars, est avancé au 8 mars 2010



February 22, 2010: Total’s senior management has brought forward the Downstream (Refining & Marketing) Central Works Council meeting to March 8 from March 29, responding proactively to the expectations of Flandres refinery employees and labor unions, who would like to see the meeting held as soon as possible to end the current dispute.

The agenda for the rescheduled meeting comprises two items, a review of the situation of refineries in France today and information and discussion on the proposed repurposing of the Flandres refinery (financial package, support for employees, timetable).

It is unchanged from the agenda approved jointly by the Chairman and Secretary of the Central Works Council for the meeting originally scheduled for March 29.

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