Biocarburants : Total confirme son intérêt à prendre une part active dans le programme pilote de biodiesel de deuxième génération BioTfueL



October 08, 09: As Europe’s leading automotive fuel refiner and marketer, Total is committed to stepping up the development of second-generation biofuels, which are needed to improve the environmental profile of crop-based fuels and avoid the use of food crops as feedstock.

Already a partner in France’s Futurol project to develop second-generation bioethanol, Total has expressed an interest in actively participating in the BioTfueL project. In particular:

  • it has offered to provide more than 30% of the financing required of the project partners;
  • share the expertise and dedication of its R&D teams;
  • and host a pilot unit to test the process at an existing plant, which would reduce the associated costs.

Total hopes that this project will be deployed as soon as possible.

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