Biocarburants de deuxième génération : Total décide de participer au projet Futurol



September 12, 2008 : Total will be participating in Futurol, a second-generation bioethanol research and development project.

Bringing together top-tier French research organizations, manufacturers and financial institutions involved in this sector of activity, Futurol will develop a process to produce bioethanol by fermenting non-food lignocellulosic biomass and verify its industrial viability.

The estimated budget for this project is around €74 million and should last 8 year.

In addition to providing Futurol with technical expertise and financing, Total brings to the table its industrial expertise in blending biocomponents with existing automotive fuels.

Futurol supplements Total’s effort in the field of bio-dimethyl ether (bio-DME)  conducted at the European Union level with Volvo, as well as Group research and development to develop thermochemical production—involving conversion by heating and chemical reaction—of second-generation biofuels.

This array of initiatives reflects Total’s commitment to serving the development of new energy sources with its expertise, in order to expand its fuel solutions and reduce the environmental impact of their use.

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