[Video] CLOV Celebrates its First Anniversary



Date: June 12, 2014. Location: 140 kilometers off the Angolan coast. The excitement is palpable on board the CLOV FPSO*. After four years on the job, the teams are finally seeing the fruits of their labor: first oil.

One year later. A crew of 190 people maintain production on board this huge 305-meter-long floating unit—160,000 barrels per day since September 2014. Employees work on a rotating schedule: three or four full weeks, seven days a week, followed by a similar amount of time off at their "other" home. Find out what offshore life is like via two portraits marking the celebration of CLOV's first anniversary:

  • Hamilton is an operator. He is in charge of monitoring the oil production facilities and carrying out certain maintenance tasks.
  • Luis is the camp boss, which is similar to being a hotel manager. He is primarily responsible for running the kitchen and conducting hygiene audits.

*Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit

My life offshore - Hamilton Joao
My Life Offshore - Luis Guimaraes

My life offshore, Hamilton João 

My life offshore, Luis Guimarães   

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