Total Quartz : plus de protection et plus de kilomètres




September 21, 2010: On June 14, Total Lubricants launched a new advertising campaign.

With a groundbreaking design and production, the commercial features motorized robots taking part in a marathon throughout the world in extreme conditions.

This campaign will allow Total to build awareness of the brand abroad and position as the "technological reference" for Fuel Economy.

The final signature - "Total Quartz: more protection and more kilometers" - shows Total's intention to position our products as a Premium brand.

Mexico was the first country to launch the media campaign and will be followed by India, Argentina, Russia, Poland, Vietnam, Ukraine and Venezuela. A project is also under review for the Africa/Middle East zone.

Total Lubricants makes and markets ranges of lubricants which serve the light and professional vehicles as the industry and the marine.
Additional information is available on for Total lubricants and on for Elf lubricants.


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