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Total Total Petrochemicals announces a significant advance in the manufacture of synthetic turf for football pitches. The new grade Lumicene® M3427 polyethylene metallocene enables the manufacture of synthetic turf fibres that meet the highest FIFA RECOMMENDED 2 STAR standards.

“With this advance, we are helping our customers to take full advantage of the growth in this promising market,” says Barbara Mandard, Marketing Manager for polyethylene film and fibres applications. “Lumicene® M3427 also enables a 15% reduction in extrusion pressure during fibre production, which correspondingly reduces the energy consumption and environmental impact of the transformer.”

According to FIFA, large parts of the world will soon be playing exclusively on synthetic turf pitches, which can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week regardless of the conditions. The FIFA RECOMMENDED 2 STAR standard has brought synthetic turf within reach of professional football, due to the development of new superior quality products, which contribute to improving the comfort and safety of the high-level game.

Across the world there are now over 100 FIFA RECOMMENDED 2 STAR pitches, including pitches in Peru and Canada that have hosted international tournaments.

Their development has only just began, because the introduction of synthetic turf pitches is inevitable in some parts of the world where difficult climatic conditions and the lack of resources otherwise hinder the growth of football.

Lumicene® M3427 polyethylene fibres are superior to those produced with octene LLDPE type polyethylene as currently used on the market, in terms of resistance to heat and fibrillation, but especially with respect to durability. It is essential that the characteristics of sports pitches continue to be at least equivalent to natural turf up to several years after installation.

As a member of ESTO (European Synthetic Turf Organisation), Total Petrochemicals is a groundbreaker in the development of resins for use in new generations of long-life synthetic turf.

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