Total, partenaire des champions du monde de F1 et fournisseur des carburants et lubrifiants des moteurs de Renault



Total, Partnering Formula 1 World Champions

The Brazilian Grand Prix wrapped up the 2013 Formula 1 season on November 24, with Infiniti Red Bull Racing and star driver Sebastian Vettel taking the world crown for the fourth year in a row. Total is proud to have contributed to this success, partnering the world champion team since 2009 and supplying it with special fuels and cutting-edge lubricants delivering superior performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.

Total also supplies the Lotus, Williams and Caterham F1 Teams through its partnership with Renault Sport Formula 1. The energy company and the French automaker have collaborated closely in F1 racing since 1977, meeting countless technical challenges to take home half of all world titles over the last two decades. Together, Total and Renault have an outstanding record of 200 pole positions, 155 victories, 11 constructors' titles and 10 drivers’ titles.

Total has been involved in Formula 1 racing for 46 years,” explains Thierry de Feydeau, Vice President, Total Sponsorship & Motorsports. “It’s where we test our innovations under the most challenging and extreme conditions. Developing solutions for the highly competitive motorsports environment lets us prepare the fuels and lubricants of the future, alongside our industrial partners.” F1 regulations are changing in 2014, with the introduction of turbocharged V6 engines, increased use of hybrid technology and a cap on fuel consumption of 100 kilograms per Grand Prix. Optimizing energy use during each race reflects the broader focus on conserving energy. “This change in engine requirements will inspire us to develop ever more cutting-edge solutions when it comes to energy efficiency,” comments Philippe Girard, Assistant Scientific Director at Total. “And one day, these innovations will benefit consumers.”

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