L'Université Total organise la nouvelle Journée de référence « Energie et Mobilité » en partenariat média avec La Tribune, le 14 novembre à Paris



November 14, 2011: Université Total is organizing on Next November 14th a conference on « Energy & Mobility » which will gather internationally renowned experts, key decision makers of both private enterprises and public companies having a key influence on Energy & Mobility.

This day is helping up to ask ourselves the questions around key themes which are challenging our future: climate, Co2 emissions, energy demand growth, vehicles carbon life value, technological innovations, bio fuels, people transportation, efficiency and effectiveness of our urban models, engines of the future, inter modality, new services and new life styles…

This is an opportunity to step back and identify new paradigms in a changing world. Understanding challenges which stand in front of us in their complexity is already the first step in the right direction.


Find out the web site dedicated to the event http://universite-total.latribune.fr/

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