[Diapo photo] - The Solar Decathlon Europe Takes Over the Sun King's Garden



It's tough to decide which language to speak right now on the paths of the Château de Versailles, where 800 students from 16 different countries have literally set up house. And not just any house either, but the one they spent an entire 18 months designing to run solely on solar power, the full-size one they have just built on site. It was equally by design that the organizers of the tenth Solar Decathlon, of which Total is a major partner, asked them to haul their luggage, cranes and other construction machines to the grounds of the Sun King's Garden. They're opening their doors to you between June 28 and July 14. Here are some pictures of the Cité du Soleil® and the houses created by the two teams supported by SunPower, our solar affiliate.

For full details on how to get to the Solar Decathlon Europe, go to the event website


Diaporama Solar Decathlon

Diaporama Solar Decathlon

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