Campagne institutionnelle 2008 : «Communauté d'intérêts»



Conducted from May to December 2008 in Europe, the Middle East, China and Canada, the corporate advertising campaign is designed to state and share our position, strategy and commitments with regard to the future of energy: "What if meeting energy demand and combating global warming are inseparable?"

Energy and climate issues are inextricably interwoven, which means that we have to help reconcile the objectives of today's society, pursuing economic growth while protecting the climate.

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The themes covered in the print ads are:

  • Combating global warming and meeting energy demand are inseparable.
  • R&D is vital to secure a sustainable energy future.
  • Discovering new oil and gas resources continues to be a priority at Total.
  • Fossil fuels and new energies (solar energy, biomass, etc.) are complementary ways of meeting energy challenges.
  • Gas exploration and production is a core response to global energy demand.
  • Total offers customers production capacity and high-performance services and products.
  • Total's commitment to reducing our environmental footprint is reflected through technological advances.
  • Total offers top-tier expertise to help partners meet energy challenges.

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