Calibrating the EM Bird was a success in April. The next major phase involved building the airship. This is done: Jean-Louis Etienne's airship was officially presented on October 12, 2007 in Marseille-Provence airport (France).

This little technological gem, which was created in Russia, with cargo plane in parts arrived in Marseille on September 18. Then, it was patiently assembled over two weeks in the airport’s Boussiron hangar by the Septième Continent team, Jean-Louis Etienne’s Company, supported by technicians from the Russian company RosAeroSystems.

This 54-meter long, 17-meter high and 14-meter wide helium airship will be crossing the North Pole in spring 2008, in order to measure the thickness of the Arctic Ocean.

Between now and its departure for the North Pole, planned for March 1, 2008, the airship will be making a number of test flights, notably in the Lorraine region.

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