Total is pursuing its advertising initiatives. Targeting Europe, the Middle East, Canada and China, the new corporate ads are in line with earlier campaigns.

Intended to showcase the Group’s wide-ranging activities and expertise, the campaign comprises a split-screen film depicting a day in the life of a child and Total employees on the job, as well as print advertisements dealing with the following topics:

  • Non-conventional oil and the experience gained through the Sincor project in Venezuela
  • The global dimension of Total’s oil exploration and its expertise in this area
  • Total’s expertise in photovoltaic energy
  • Refining and new fuels
  • Deep offshore exploration and environmental stewardship
  • Prospecting, producing and transporting gas
  • Looking after scarce oil resources to secure the future of energy
  • Total's technological proficiency in meeting energy needs and its attentiveness to customer concerns
  • Total, the partner of choice for major projects with a high technological content
  • Illustrating one of the three components-community support, the environment, cultural heritage-of Total's corporate philanthropy policy: restoration of the Louvre's Apollo Gallery
  • Total’s petrochemical operations and its capacity for innovation
  • Total’s ability to respond to energy demand and its commitment to enhancing the environmental performance of its facilities

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