January 12, 2005: On December 26, 2004 the countries of southern Asia were struck by a dreadful catastrophe, an unusually violent subsea earthquake and tsunami, which took a devastating toll on the people in surrounding coastal areas.

Immediately after the tragedy, Total and its subsidiaries began to mobilise their resources to help with the first emergency relief efforts as a way of demonstrating their profound sympathy and solidarity with the afflicted families.

Total has some 6000 employees in Asia, more than 4000 of whom work in tsunami-stricken countries. No loss of life was reported among Group employees in the disaster area but the tsunami has seriously affected the families of some employees in those areas (mainly in Aceh, Sumatra). The Group is standing by them, and is giving them its full support.

Overall, the various contributions that the group has given add up to € 2.3 million (US$ 3 million) of which about € 1 million has already been donated to the Red Cross, Care and Unicef.

The group is also lending its hand in a variety of ways to relief efforts in the field. It has provided medical teams, supplied kerosene and transport vehicles, chartered a large aircraft to carry medicine and equipment, and made arrangements to train new teachers for the schools in Aceh, and it will also grant one year scholarships for students from Aceh at the Bandung Technological Institute...

In Sumatra, Total Indonesia will finance the construction of 400 homes, in the first phase of a 1,700-home re-housing programme backed by the government.

Total staff are still active as well. Together, they have collected or bought more than 10 tonnes of supplies which have already been delivered to the disaster area.

Beyond these emergency measures, the Group will continue its efforts and is assessing further ways in which it can best contribute to rebuilding this region which has suffered such a severe blow.

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