Day 5 of the ARGOS Challenge competition

And so this morning, the last day of the competition took off. The teams that had previously failed the stair climbling and descent test received the possibility to try again the operation. And those who had already passed with flying colours received the opportunity to show new functionalities.

Therefore, the Spanish/Portuguese team had to try again the test.  Luis, member of the Foxiris’ team, explains:  “After the failure of  last Tuesday, we had to demonstrate to the jury that our robot was able to realize this test. We are therefore satisfied and relieved! As we had a little time left, we then continued with an obstacle test. We crossed over in tele-operated mode. The operator was in the portokabin, and was driving the robot with the different cameras positioned on it.

Schedule of the afternoon: debriefing with the jury, and packing before we leave, and put officially an end to the second competition of the ARGOS Challenge.