Capacity to deal with unexpected events and risk situations

The teams were anxious about this mission… it’s not surprising: a large number of unexpected events are planned today to destabilize the robot during its inspection round. Here are a few of the scheduled events: a gas leak simulation (acoustic by ultrasound), an interruption in the communication system (wifi), trigger of the general alarm, obstacles, water leak, etc. Using its artificial intelligence, the robot will need to analyze each new situation and adopt the required behavior: move autonomously to the safety area designated for emergencies, alert the operator, etc.

The Swiss team LIO is the first to tackle the challenge. The team coordinator Marco comes back on the important moments of this mission: “It wasn’t easy, he confirms, but the robot detected the different anomalies and it analyzed the situation rather well deciding twice to go to the safety area.” We wanted to know why the robot had not been able to go down the stairs (and therefore to resume and finish its mission) despite the fact it had climbed just before and without any difficulties. “It had to take a little time to localize itself on the first floor because there are fewer points of reference, Marco explains. It placed itself badly in front of the stairs, although it was only a question of about 1 to 2 centimeters.”