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Pompiste avec un client à la station-service Abda. Safi, Maroc

To stay so close to our customers, we rely on 100,000 Total employees, who are there every day to meet the needs of our 8 million customers worldwide. Our service stations are constantly evolving to become one stop shops for mobility and transportation, offering you customized, accessible and straightforward solutions.

Our service stations: one-stop shops

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million customers every day in our service stations in the world
Service stations offer so much more than a full tank of gas – they are genuine convenience centers for mobility and transportation. Designed as one stop shops, our service stations offer you customized services for every step of your journey, including meals, Bonjour shops, access to different types of energy and digital solutions.
Thanks to our dense network of more than 14,000 service stations located in 65 countries, we are able to welcome and have direct contact with more than 8 million individual and business customers every day.
Being close to customers also means making ever-changing mobility trends easier for you. This is why our service stations provide you with an increasingly wide range of alternatives to conventional fuels, such as natural gas fuels, ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations and facilities for refueling hydrogen vehicles.

A digital customer experience

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To make your visit to our service stations easier, we are constantly working on an extensive range of digital solutions. Here are just some of our latest innovations:
The Total Services app offers a wide array of useful services so you can begin your trip with peace of mind, including a service station finder, a geolocation tool and a Club Total members’ area.
Total eWallet is a 100% digital, connected solution that enables drivers to fill up their tanks and pay for their purchases with just a few taps of their mobile device. The solution is aimed at both individual and business customers of Total service stations, bringing the Internet of Things to service stations that are now fully connected. Part of the Total Services app, this new feature provides customers with a smoother, more streamlined experience. Going into the store or using a conventional automatic pump is no longer a must – drivers can now select their desired fuel directly using their smartphone, unlock the pump to fill up their tank, choose their payment method and pay for fuel automatically and securely.
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