Termokarstovoye: In Russia, a Gas Project in an Extreme Cold Environment

  • Project type: gas and condensates
  • Operator: Terneftegas, a joint venture between Novatek (51%) and Total (49%)
  • Start date: May 2015
barrels of oil equivalent per day: Termokarstovoye's production capacity
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Un hélicoptère sur le site de Termokarstovoye

Situated in the remote area of Russia, the Termokarstovoye gas field is only accessible by helicopter or by winter roads, when the impassable tundra is frozen over. To unlock the value of the region's gas assets, we have been working with Novatek, Russia's leading independent gas producer, since 2009.

Accessing Deep Reservoirs in an Extreme Cold Environment

Termokarstovoye is a gas and condensate (an extremely light oil) field with thin reservoirs, deep underground. Thanks to Novatek's expertise in extreme cold environments, we were able to pierce the permafrost (permanently frozen ground), to extract as much gas and condensates as possible and maximize profitability. We met this challenge in extremely remote conditions within tight deadlines.

The field produces 65,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (6.6 million cubic meters of gas and 20,000 barrels of condensates). To transport them, two pipelines, stretching nearly 200 km, have been built. The first, used for gas, is connected to existing Siberian gas export pipelines. The second takes the condensates to a Novatek processing plant 230 km away.

Total and Novatek join forces

In 2009, we signed a partnership agreement with Novatek, Russia's leading independent natural gas producer, in which we now hold an 18,24% interest. Novatek's logistical proficiency and operational experience in Russia, combined with our expertise in geosciences, allow us to carry out highly complex operations in extreme conditions. The development of the Termokarstovoye field perfectly illustrates just how effectively we work together in Russia. The field was even brought on stream ahead of schedule and under budget.

Michael Borrell directeur Europe et Asie centrale à l’Exploration Production
We are delighted with the start-up of Termokarstovoye, the first project executed together with our strategic partner in Russia, Novatek, with whom we are also jointly developing the Yamal LNG project.
Michael Borrell, Senior Vice President Exploration Production, Europe and Central Asia

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