Sustainable Purchasing, a Day-to-Day Commitment


The core ingredients of our sustainable purchasing process include talking to our suppliers about subjects such as managing environmental impact and upholding human rights and ensuring balanced relationships. Our mediator, who embodies our commitment to a seamless relationship, can be contacted as needed.

Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility

Like Total as a whole, Purchasing is committed to developing best practices in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Total Awarded France’s “Responsible Supplier Relationships” Quality Label for its corporate marketing&services activities


On March 11, 2014, we received the “Responsible Supplier Relationships” quality label for our corporate and Marketing & Services activities in France. The label, bestowed by the French Ministry of Industrial Renewal, was granted following an assessment of our sustainable purchasing practices, such as complying with payment terms, contributing to local development and establishing balanced contractual relationships, with special attention to small businesses.

The label reflects our commitment to long-term, balanced relationships with our suppliers and recognizes the work done every day by the teams who implement our sustainable purchasing policy.

We have developed guidance — our Fundamental Principles of Purchasing — to strengthen the standards to which suppliers must adhere to ensure responsible business conduct. Shared with our suppliers, these principles are yielding practical initiatives that include:


  • Support for small businesses. In addition to our membership in France’s Small Business Pact, we have also created our own organization, Total Développement Régional. Their efforts sustain the social and economic fabric of Total's host regions, through financial assistance for small businesses.
  • Local socioeconomic development. In all our host countries, purchasing officers have to identify and work with local suppliers.
  • Employment of disabled persons. We promote purchasing from the sheltered and supported employment sectors, which employ disabled workers in France. Purchasing officers are educated about these programs and encouraged to buy from them. This action is supported by our membership to  Pas@Pas,  a non-profit organization promoting working in the area of disability and social integration through workforce entry, in partenership with Handeco organization.
  • Industrial safety. Service provider safety is as important to us as employee safety. Our safety reporting encompasses both our own employees and contractor personnel working at our sites. 

The Mediator as Facilitator

The internal mediator acts as a facilitator should disagreements reach an impasse. Serving suppliers and purchasing officers, the mediator restores communication and helps find out-of-court solutions when attempts to resolve differences with a regular contact have been unsuccessful.