The Cornerstones of our Purchasing Policy


Every year, we purchase close to €30 billion of goods and services. This major expenditure creates a responsibility to our suppliers and, more broadly, to the market. That is why dialogue, professionalism and fulfilling our commitments are the foundation of our relationships.

Facilitating Dialogue

Total's relationships with suppliers are founded on dialogue, with a view to making them more proactive and interactive.

Dialogue in practice

We pay strict attention to the safety of our employees and service providers. We hold dedicated seminars with our main suppliers to understand their problems and share best practices. The aim is to improve together to enhance the safety of our facilities.

Listening to Everyone

Purchasing is a profession. Our purchasing officers are focused on improving quality, lead times, safety and costs, while upholding our sustainable development principles. 

Effective purchasing also depends on collaboration, between purchasing officers and specifiers internally and between purchasing officers and suppliers externally. We also work to maintain balanced business relationships with suppliers. 

Nurturing Trust

Total makes a commitment to suppliers to simplify and secure the purchasing process and make it more reliable.

Fulfilling our commitments in practice

We are working especially hard on meeting contractual payment terms, by:

  • Monitoring invoice payment dates.
  • Improving processes, such as our project to switch to paperless invoicing.


Since January 1, 2017, Total Global Procurement has managed a large proportion of Group purchases, in both categories specific to only one business segment and those common to several activities or businesses.
In affiliates, our purchasing officers are responsible for implementing framework agreements and managing local purchases.
Trading & Shipping handles purchases of crude oil and petroleum products. Natural gas and electricity purchases are managed by Total Gas & Power Ltd.