The chairman and chief executive officer

Total’s Board of Directors elected Patrick Pouyanné, Chief Executive Officer of Total since October 22, 2014 and director since May 29, 2015, as Chairman of the Board of Directors at its meeting on December 16, 2015. As announced on October 22, 2014, Mr. Pouyanné is now Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total, following the Board’s decision to again combine the two roles.

The Chairman & Chief Executive Officer organizes and oversees the work of Total's Board of Directors and makes sure that Company’s Board and committees operate effectively, in line with good governance principles. He or she liaises between the Board of Directors and company shareholders. Each year the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer makes a report to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting describing the preparation and organization of the Board of Directors' work and the internal control and risk management procedures in place.

The Chairman & Chief Executive Officer also assumes the general management responsibilities for Total and chairs the Executive Committee and Group Performance Management Committee. The Rules of Procedure detail the responsibilities and authority of Total S.A.'s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.