First Gas from Incahuasi in Bolivia

Total E&P Bolivie has successfully started up gas production from the Incahuasi field, 250 kilometers south of the business capital, Santa Cruz.
It is located in the Andean foothills, in an unusually rugged environment that required us to drill to a depth of more than 5,600 meters to reach the reservoirs.
After surmounting this complex logistical challenge, Total expects Incahuasi Phase 1 to deliver gas production of 6.5 million cubic meters a day.
Find out in pictures what is behind the scene of a gigantic project that required two-and-a-half years of work and took nearly 3,000 people to complete.
Incahuasi, a gigantic project in the Andean Cordillera foothills

Total established a presence in Bolivia in 1994.  We hold interests in three producing gas fields operated by Petrobras and have two exploration licenses. With the Incahuasi gas field, it’s the first time Total has operated a project in the country.