Total Ecosolutions, a Program Furthering Excellence

Reduce your environmental footprint thanks to Total Ecosolutions products and services.

Total Ecosolutions, a Program Furthering Excellence

Part of everyday life, where they improve eco-responsibility, the products in the Total Ecosolutions program help our customers reduce their environmental footprint by consuming less and better.

The "Total Ecosolutions" label is awarded to solutions whose environmental performance across the entire life cycle is better than the leading product on the market. Some 100 products and services have already earned the label.

The labeling process was developed in compliance with the requirements of international standards and verified, as is the case for every labeled product and service, by an independent expert firm.

Each solution can be labeled for its performance in one or more areas, such as:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Using less energy.
  • Saving non-renewable resources.
  • Consuming less water.
  • Mitigating impacts on health.
  • Curbing the impact on the ecosystem.

But what types of everyday objects can these eco-efficient solutions be used in?

They can be used in our homes, where food packaging, baby diapers, and even thermal insulation products may be made from Total Ecosolutions-labeled resins. Our solutions can also be found in magazine inks and in the biodegradable emollients used in cosmetics. And waterproofing asphalt and solar panels can be found on roofs.

Total Ecosolutions can also be found in our cars, which use fuels and lubricants, as well as in resin automotive interiors. And let's not forget jet fuel.

In our cities, they are used in services such as car washes with water recycling systems, on roads made of asphalt and those containing a layer of geotextiles, in stadiums equipped with artificial grass, and in resin pipes used to transport gas and wastewater.

Finally, there are also applications in our farmlands, such as in biodegradable paraffin oils that protect crops from insects, lubricants that keep farm equipment running and resins used in the plastics that protect harvests.

These everyday products and services containing labeled solutions improve our customers' environmental footprint. As proof, since the program was launched in 2009, more than 8 million tons of carbon have been avoided through sales of Total Ecosolutions products and services.

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