Total in Africa: a historical presence and a long term commitment

Total has been present in Africa for 90 years and is being active in oil, gas, renewables, and in the oil distribution business. Today we keep on investing, even in the low part of the cycle.

Joao Amaral -
Vice President, General Affairs, E&P, Africa

Total’s trademark is our integration into Africa, and our longtime presence. We have been here for over 90 years, I don’t think many companies can say the same.

We were able to evolve on the energy markets, being active in oil, in gas in the distribution business, today in renewables. Total, I would say, is a major and long-standing player in Africa.

Nicolas Terraz
Managing Director, Total E&P, Nigeria

Africa is a key continent: It represents one quarter of our Upstream production and one third of our capital expenditure. Africa is also a place where we have continued to invest, even in the low part of the cycle, with several major projects now coming to fruition.

Ahmadu-Kida Musa
Deputy Managing Director, Total E&P Nigeria

Commitment through the lower cycle has always been Total’s strength. That belief in our long-term affiliation with Africa, the long-term commitment, and knowing fully well that we are there for Africans, is what truly forms Total’s boldness in investing in the very lower part of the cycle, knowing fully well that it will never be permanent.

Nicolas Terraz

There is a bright future for oil and gas, and solar, and in fact all forms of energy in Africa. Africa is richly endowed with all these forms of energy. There definitely is room for further oil developments in Africa.

Joao Amaral

Total has shown its ability to adapt, to evolve with this continent. We mean to stay for another 90 years, or more!

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